About us

Bella Cotton

Bella Cotton, was developed with the heart and soul of our southern roots. Mandy and Jeremy were born in Eastern North Carolina. She was raised in the country where family and friends were our everyday life. Jeremy grew up working on a produce truck farm and moved on to working in tobacco and sweet potato fields. Mandy’s uncles and cousins are third and forth generation farmers who raise a variety of crops to include; Cotton, Tobacco, Wheat, Soy Beans, Corn, and Oats. Livestock is also no stranger to our horizon. On the farm is where we love to be. The ways of farm life runs deep in our blood and family traditions are most important. We enjoy our designs and develop them ourselves. We both work full time jobs but leave the atmosphere of the city every day and come home to our southern roots. We enjoy expressing our ideas and sharing them with our customers. Our days run long and time is never on our side, but we manage to be successful with our business.